Is a smile a permanent part of your wardrobe?
Can you see hope in even the most challenging situations?
You may be just the person we're looking for...

At Kimberly Home, we use words like "hope", "joy", and "service" as our foundation. Many of the women who come in our door are hurting and alone, and the first thing they receive from us is encouragement and love. The simplest act- a friendly smile, a sympathetic ear, and a reassuring hug can make the biggest difference to our clients, and help give them the strength to succeed.

We want our atmosphere of joy to be contagious, and we're looking for others who can catch that vision and pass it on.

Are you someone who thrives on encouragement?
Do you like to pitch in when you see a need?
Can you help soothe and uplift someone`s spirits?
If so, we need you here!

There are so many ways to volunteer- become a client advisor, assist at the reception desk, sort infant and maternity clothing, organize donations, help with computer entry, rock babies in our Infant Care Center, help plan fund raising Special Events, assist at The Thrift Shoppe, and so much more.

Give us a call and together, let's spread hope and joy in the lives of mothers and babies!
If you are interested in volunteering, please call 727-443-0471 or

Kimberly Home Pregnancy Resource Center,  1189 NE Cleveland St, Clearwater FL 33755
Phone: 727-443-0471 Fax: 727-466-9318